This is a grass-roots website by regular folks who would like to see the Happy Hollow Boulevard section in Dundee known as the Sunken Garden remain a greenspace as it was intended. We also have a new "Just the Facts" page. Check it out then come back here to sign the Petition!

What's at stake

A Two-Million-Dollar* plan hatched behind the scenes by a private party threatens to destroy the cherished greenspace in Omaha's Dundee neighborhood known as the Sunken Garden.

The radical new plan calls for removing up to 20 mature, healthy trees and their canopy of shade, ripping up lawn, spraying pesticides, building permanent structures, gazebos, walls, lighting, hardscape sidewalks and patios and will alter an historic spot preserved by our forefathers for over 100 years. Learn more...

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What YOU can do:

We need to move fast or we will lose our beloved Boulevard. Please, launch an email to City Councilmembers. We've made it easy. Just click here. new

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If you would like to help Save the Sunks by placing one of the new yard signs, just send an email to Heartland Healing and tell us your name and address for permission and we'll drop one off in your yard! And tell a friend!
Save the Sunks
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2 - Email City Councilman Pete Festersen
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Save Omaha's Dundee Sunken Gardens (the Sunks)

Happy Hollow Boulevard was designed by renowned landscape architect Horace Cleveland in the late 1800s as part of Omaha's Park and Boulevard system. The boulevards are meant to link the many parks of our city and stretch over 28 miles in length. They were intended to provide a natural respite from the bustle and hubbub of the growing city. *Not one boulevard has permanent structures to this day, just as the original design laid outHistorical design.*

Part of Happy Hollow Boulevard running between Western Ave. on the north and Underwood Ave. on the south includes a section known as the Sunken Garden, which residents often refer to as "the sunks."

history of the sunks

Today in the Happy Hollow


Commercial real estate developers and planners from outside Dundee, seek to destroy all of the tree canopy, much of the greenspace and replace it with gazebos, pergolas, hardscape, lighting, walls and more that will disrupt the neighborhood and contradicts the very plans the City has long maintained.
Of course it all looks good on paper when everything is blue skies, no graffiti or trash, not a single car to represent parking problems and no HazMat-suited people spraying pesticide in the picture.


The new plan includes weddings and concerts that will cause parking, traffic and clean-up problems. The Memorial Park Rose Garden is only two blocks away and already provides a much better venue for those events.


Too much hardscape...

It's not too late to Save the Sunks. Contact Councilman Festersen and let him know you want to keep it green.

Let the kids play.

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* The proposed budget is reported in some publications to have been revised downward from $2 million to $1.6 million. No explanation or clarification has been given by the developers for the conflicting numbers. It is possible that lowering the donation goal will make it easier to reach a trigger point for releasing city funds.