This beautiful boulevard will disappear unless we act now!
Please... send emails to as many City Councilmembers as you can and to the Mayor.

A Two-Million-Dollar plan hatched by a private party threatens to destroy the cherished greenspace in Omaha's Dundee neighborhood known as the Sunken Garden.

The radical new plan calls for removing many healthy trees (as many as 20) and their canopy of shade, ripping up lawn, spraying pesticides, building permanent structures, walls, hardscape sidewalks and patios and will alter an historic spot preserved by our forefathers for over 100 years. Learn more...

Tell them to keep it Green!

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Here is a sample email. Copy, paste and edit it appropriately as you wish. Add your own comments or just compose your own.

Dear Councilmember,
I am one of over 1500 persons to date expressing grave concerns over the proposed construction project in District 1 along Happy Hollow Boulevard in the greenspace known as the Dundee “Sunks.”
As part of Omaha’s historic boulevard system, that area between Underwood and Western Avenues currently serves the purpose the designers intended over 100 years ago: It is a natural greenspace providing a quiet respite of shade and beauty. Along with the other 15 boulevards in the City, it is a treasure as it is.
There is a proposal afoot that would gut that greenspace, dig up lawn, remove trees and permanently destroy that legacy by placing gazebos, hardscape, walls, lighting and other unsightly structures; things that no other boulevard in the City is burdened with.
I believe the development is ill-conceived, unnecessary and will present a number of problems for the area and the City, ranging from civic safety, parking issues and maintenance costs to loss of valued greenspace, watershed and trees.
Please join in keeping Happy Hollow Boulevard as it was intended: a natural place of quietude and beauty, enjoyed by the local residents and the thousands of Omahans who drive by it every day. Please visit for the facts then add your voice to ours and resolve to Save the Sunks.



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